Friday, January 29, 2010

the Dark Archer

So its been Like 2 months or so since We last saw Smallville. and What was the last thing we saw, Zod and his 'merry men' "Kneel Before Kal'el" and they weren't talking about Nick Cage's Kid(Coolest name Ever for a Celebs baby). So after all of that we get the Episode Disciple. Starring that guy over their as The Dark Archer. The green Arrow's former student. hmmmm I thought he Trained Himself on the Island with Mercy. Well Cant wait to see what this story will be about. Doesn't matter anyways. This Epi is just Filler Til next week. Absolute Justice............

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So this is Bibbo, I am a Fan of His but I should tell you. I'm not a "I know everything Bout Him" fan.. although Knowing Him at all is quite something. Not the Biggest Supporting Character ever. so anyways I want to have everything on My blog Funny jokes, Funny Videos, Hell as many Naked Female Bodybuilders as you can get. tootles

well well well

so Who is Bibbo???? well He's an Overweight Feller, an Ex Longshoreman, who won the Lottery and/or saved a couple of Bucks. He then bought his Hole in the wall, watering hole. The Ace of Clubs. Oh did I mention He's also a huge Superman Fan, so I thought his Moniker would best Describe my self. So This is my Blog. hmmm was expecting more fan fare. I feel that is a good first post, toodles.