Sunday, December 11, 2011

The girl on the streetcar

     So my crazy drinking buddy of a neighbour, Suggests to me one night while drinking that we should take the streetcar to the end of the line since none of us had ever been to Neville Park.   This is what poor people do for fun. By the by(as the Down Homers like to say), in case you don't know. Neville Park is the end of the line in the east end of Toronto for the streetcar.  Like I said, this is what poor people do for fun.   So we grab a day pass, which allows 2 people to jump off and on at any time, all day on a weekend.    We take the bus to Humber  Loop, and away we go.   Tess(neighbour) makes some rye and fried baloney sandwiches.   We eat a couple on the way and plan on eating a couple on the way back.   We're past the DVP, over halfway.  I notice this girl sitting near us.  Since she's beautiful and I'm a guy so I notice her getting up quickly  to leave the streetcar.  I follow her movements to the side walk where she spins around abruptly, with a look of panic on her face.   I glance at the seat where she was sitting and notice a red gift bag.  I jump up from my seat and rush to the bag and hold it up to the window as the streetcar pulls away.  She nods to confirm that it is hers.  I then see this lady start to run after the streetcar, yet the car keeps going.  I tell Tess, "we're getting off".  We gather our things, and ring the bell.  By this time we're 2 stops passed we're the girl on the streetcar got off.   We exit the car, and get on the side walk where we see this lady running, full tilt, about 2 blocks away.   I hold up her red gift bag and she slows knowing the panic/emergency of the situation is over.  Upon reaching us and being extremely grateful, that is she thanked us about 100 times within 30 sec's.   Saying "thank you so much, this isn't even mine.  We're you guys getting off at that stop anyways?"  I replied "No.  It's just all apart of the adventure".   At me saying that, we locked eyes and for moment knew what each other was thinking,  She was thinking "Oh my god, this is the nicest guy in the world.  Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity".  Of course I was thinking.  "she's cute".  That was all I could think as she leaned in to give me the most honest hug I'd received in ages.  We said our goodbye's and mine and Tess's adventure continued.  Long story short,  there isn't a park at Neville Park.  There is a water treatment plant though.   But walk around a little and you might find the beach,  which at this time of year is mostly  an off-the-leash dog park.  we did play fetch with a little dog named Romeo, who liked for everyone to get a chance to play with him.  We ate  the last 2 baloney sandwiches, and journeyed home.

It was a fun day all in all.  I can't help thinking of that nameless girl from the streetcar. Someone asked me did I get her number?  That would have ruined the moment.   I'm glad she got to where she was going.  I'm glad she got to give that gift to the person that most likely  deserved it.  I know I made her day.  In a perfect world,   she didn't feel jaded by the world for the rest of the week.   I wonder if I'll bump into her again.....only the universe can decide that.    It was nice to know that a woman fell asleep that night probably thinking about me.  Let's put serendipity to the test. She might read this........You never know.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Favourite Things

So they just sang this song on 'How I Met Your mother'.  So I figure I might as well try and list my favourite things to try and help me feel better.

In no particular order.

I like Wrestling,  with or without Muppet's

I like television shows, yet I don't have cable.
Top of the list would be Smallville, Glee,  Quantum Leap, and Due South.

I like Superman obviously.  But I don't read the comics anymore.  I suppose I like the idea of Superman.
A man so Strong and Powerful,  Kryptonite not with standing.  His weakness and Strength are one in the same.
His Love for people.  I know a little something about that.

Obviously I love Movie musicals.  I'm not even ashamed.   I like Singing in Bar's, at work, Coffee shops, where ever the musical is brought up.  Still want to film myself Singing Santa Fe from Rent on the Subway.

I love to laugh, I love my cat will Meow very loudly if I roll away from petting him.  He'll even start patting me with his paw as if to say " hey Pal I'm Done"

I love Karaoke,  I love how even though I have the worst singing voice ever. People love to see me perform cause they know I'll give it my all.  I suppose I live life the same way.

I love training for a kettlebell competition.  Even though I haven't trained in almost a year.  I'll get back there one day.   Cause I'm gonna win it all, and meet lots of FBB's.

I love Female body Builders.  hehehe. I guess you seen that one coming.

I also Like BBW's which is contradictory I know.  But I like to keep em guessing.

Jogging is one of my favourite things as well.

And last but not Least. I love Drinking.   When I'm In Training It's one of the things I give up.   If tastes so much better,  when you go to a bar cause you hit your goal of losing X amount of weight.  

I guess that did cheer me up a little.  If Julie Andrews by chance does see this Blog.  Please play Chris Coffer's Grandmother on Glee. Pretty please.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Heartbroken at Halloween.

I don't know who else to tell.  I don't really know who I can talk too.   Emotionally I've been so up and Down over the last couple of weeks.   First I had the date, where the girl was hot, Cuddling up on the couch with me.  Sitting on my lap,  hell she even pee'd in front of me.  Twice.  So She's Definitely into me right?  Until her boyfriend showed up at the bar.   I felt Like I wanted to die.  I mean really die.   So I'm Depressed for a few days.  But then the most amazing thing happened to me.  A woman from my Facebook asked me out for Halloween.  Wow, my life starting looking up right away.   So the day of the date she cancelled.   I figure what the hell.  I'll go out anyways.   First bar is dead.  But a lovely couple I met a few years ago invite me to another bar.  Where I meet the Hottest Silk Spectre 2 I've ever seen.  She gives me her contact information.   That's awesome.  (of course I found out later she had a Boyfriend,  to which I was Relieved at the time)  But then we go to the third bar of the night.  I'm immediately  drawn to this beautiful woman.   and through out the night I realize she's just perfect for me.  Same sense of humour,  and everything.  The problem is I wasn't listening when she said she was busy.   I really just didn't want her to forget me.   I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.   Some people may think I'm taken too long to get over my car accident.  What they Don't understand. is they'll never know how it felt to wake up and realize that if I had of died.  I would have died alone.  Granted I love my family, and friends.  They're great.  But I was coming home every night to a cat.   I thought back to all the women who said "I'm sure you'll make someone really happy someday"  Well I almost bought the farm, and I wouldn't have made anyone happy.   So when this perfect for me, woman told me she "should Let me Go."  Before we even made it to a first date, or a first phone call.  All these feelings came back to me.   I'm fighting back the tears as I write this.   I hate knowing that I'm gonna die alone.   Why is everyone else allowed to be in love, but I'm not.  This was a really crappy couple of weeks.  I'm glad no one reads this.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Let's Just write something.   I'm gonna go for a walk now.  It's my second walk today.  I'm in a lot of pain.  But I truly miss how I felt a year ago.   I must work through the pain.  Hug the mountain.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Posting the Rocky review has really made me think.  Look deep down into my soul.   First lets recap my Top 5 favourite movies of all time.

5. With Honors
4. A Princess Bride
3. The Fisher King
2. The Cutting Edge
1. Rocky

   So a few years back I thought that a good way of looking into our psyche,  is to figure out what your 5 favourite movies are.  I guarantee there will be a thread that connects them all.  That thread will tell us something about ourselves. Maybe something obvious.  Maybe something hidden.  So what do mine have in common.  2 of them have have Moira Kelly, 2 of them have are "chick Flicks",  2 of them have crazy homeless people.  Close but not quite.  Let's see,  you got Joe Pesci, as a quitter who gave up on life, yet learns to appreciate life again and finds love in the form of a friend, and a Family.  Not your typical family but a family of friends.  2nd, We have Wesley, a farmhand, who falls in love with the daughter of his employer.  Soon after he's thought to be dead.  but actually begins a life of crime.  3rd.  Perry or Robin Williams if you will.  He has the perfect life.  a professor  married to a beautiful woman.,  when tragedy strikes.  He falls deep into an emotional abyss.  So deep in fact, that he creates his own world.  Also there's Jack.  An Suicidal, alcoholic, who's supported by a woman he really doesn't deserve.  Like Perry, Jack is trying to fight his demons.  While Perry's demons are seen in the form of a fire breathing horse carrying the Red Knight,  Jack's demons are not a manifestation. but in fact Perry himself.  4th The Cutting Edge, Doug had it all.  at least 12 NHL teams wanted to have him on their roster. He was on his way up and out Of Mayhorn, Minnesota.  then an injury to the eye forced him to retire from the sport.  Then he became just another blue collar guy working construction .  His luck would Change when Pamchenko came calling.  then he had to deal with an whole different set of Problems.   And finally Rocky, a leg breaker for some second rate loan shark.  It's almost become comical to say now a days. but he's a bum.  His life would turn around, but not before learning who he was.

    So what does all that have in common.   How about, they all have prominent characters who are Poor.  Trying to eke out an existence, with loads of very real, and very frighting obstacles .  Their struggles, much like my own are sometimes, physical, and sometimes they're all in my head.   Wondering if we're just another bum from the neighbourhood.   Wondering if the Red knight will ever let us give us some peace.  You know I just realized. It's not just about them all being poor.   It's about them having to deal with the rich.  Doug goes from blue collar to training, and living with an Ice Princess.  Wesley, of course falls for a women out of his league, who at least at first, loathes him just do to his lot in life.   Simon Wilder ( Joe Pesci),  has to deal with a Harvard student who was born with a silver spoon up his ass.   Perry and Jack both were well off, but because of a simple twist of fate that would connect them both for the rest of their lives, had fallen on hard times.  Perry of course has to deal with the stigma of homelessness.   Jack knew he was poor, and became bitter. He seemed to hate everyone and everything.   He'd have to learn to forgive himself, before he could begin to really form relationships of value.   Rocky, well he was a Bum.  Luckily everyone he knew were also bum's.   It's the way Apollo treats him, even when there not in the same scene.  Despite the fact that Apollo (as we would find out in Rocky III) was from very similar streets as Rocky, simply seen him as a bum, a nothing,  he'd drop him in three.   The rich do tend to look down on the poor a lot.  As if they're some sort of sub species of humanity.  I guess really that's the chip on my shoulder.  I don't like being poor, I don't like being called a nothing, and I damn sure don't like being called a loser.   Let's face it. this year I have been a loser.   Sure I got hit by a car.  That doesn't mean I have to stop living.  That doesn't mean I have to gain 2/3's of the weight I shed last year back.   Every single one of these character's overcame these Obstacles and in some cases, the obstacle was staring at them in the mirror.   So no more feeling sorry for myself.  No more eating Chips all the time so I can find comfort that isn't there.  No more living for yesterday.

    So being that today is October 6th 2011, and I currently weigh in at an astounding 300lbs.  I make this Proclamation today, and it will be binding.  Come January 1st 2012.  I will weigh 270lbs.  I think of the discipline I had last year.  In December, when the majority of the people gain 10lbs.  I set the goal to lose 10 lbs, and of course I did.  Which put me at 270lbs.   I want to be where I was a year ago.  But I can't jog, I can't lift like I used to.   The Idea of bicycling, scares me(I'm in therapy to correct that).   So how will I do it? How do you put a giraffe inside of a fridge?  You open the door and you put him in.  The details aren't important.  The results are.

                                                                                                           See you In January.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

And now for No. 1.  Rocky.  What to say about Rocky that hasn’t already been said.  Sly sees the Chuck Wepner- Mohammed Ali Fight.  Thinks this is probably the pinnacle of this guys professional life.  He writes the script,  goes to an acting audition.  Doesn’t get the part, but talks to the producers saying he’s a writer and presents them with the script.   A lot of other struggles and tribulations, and Rocky is released.  Nominated for 10 academy awards.  And took home 3, including John Avildsen for director and of course best picture.

Years later there are countless articles and video’s available on YouTube (not the least of which is “Rocky jumped a park Bench” So what can I say that’s different from the rest.   I guess It’s my own journey.  I’ve lived in the poor neighbourhood all my life.  The other side of the tracks.  Anyone who knows  Hamilton would probably agree.  I’ve felt my entire life like I’m constantly running up those stairs. Never quite reaching the top.  True my training hasn’t always been there.  And truth be told, I’ve never actually had the chance to ‘Go for it”.   But last year I got fed up with all of that. I quit smoking, started eating right, and was being trained by a lunatic.  I went from 320lbs down to 265lbs.  I was on my way to a kettle bell competition.  I saw this as my shot at Apollo. Then I got hit by a car.  And like Superman, I flew thru the air, and landed 30 ft. away.  Imagine going from one day you can clean and jerk a 30lb Kettle bell 144 times in each hand in just under 30mins, to feeling the same burn lifting 4lbs dumb bells.

I’ve walked, even jogged a few times.  It’s the only working out that my Physiotherapist ,  and Doctor allow me to do.  So I look to Rocky.  I jog with the music from all the movies.  I always was the million in one shot, and now I might just be 2 million and one shot.  But I keep going down that road.  There might never be an end to this road, but I’m determined to reach for it.  Time to go for it, I’m gonna fly now.

Despite all the inspirational stuff that can be found in Rocky. Here's a quick Recap. I'd say Spoiler alert but come on How have you not seen rocky.

Friday, April 1, 2011

You'd think with all this spare time.

I've been off of work since January 24th of this year.  Not my choosing.  I was Hit by a car.  and 10 weeks later,  I can now lift 3 lbs.   I've Gained back 30lbs of the 55lbs I've lost in the past year.  i have had a Constant Headache,  Both Shoulders are useless, my back is really sore, and My neck movements, are still not 100%.  you'd think with all this Time Off I would have kept up with my Blog.  I've been depressed as you can Imagine.  but am not Suffering from the Clinical Definition Of Depression.  or so I've been told.  I'll try to start posting again.  the problem is, this blog is about me.  and I used to think that I needed something to write about, Like reviews.  But I'm gonna start just Writing, and venting, Cause you will Witness the Rebirth.  I'm at Rock Bottom.  Time To Climb the mountain,  Hug the mountain, make love to the mountain

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wooooooo its Number 2!

To Quote Black Balled: The Bobby Dukes Story. “I’m number 2, Cause I’m the Shit.”  What a great introduction to my second favourite movie of all time. Ladies and Gentlemen.,  I give to you, The Cutting Edge.

Where should I begin.  Well like the others in my list, I should tell you when and where I saw this.   I was Staying with My Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Charlie one summer as well as  my cousins Emily and Dan. I was 14 or 15 at the time I honestly can't remember..  Anyways we were up at the Cottage.   I forget the Spelling(as if I ever knew)of the town of Coboconk,  on the shores of Balsam lake.  Dan Brought his GF.  I remember her Name.  but only Cause I’m a wrestling Fan.  Her name was Diana Smith…You know Like Diana Hart Smith.  Never mind.  So she Brought up a few Movies.  And The Cutting Edge Was one of them.  So were all Bored one Evening,  and put it on. And man oh man, I liked it.

Starring D.B. Sweeney,  and My new “crush”  Moira Kelly.  As I warned in my With Honours review, Moira would pop up again.  She the only double header In my list.  Here She’s Brash,  Smart, Strong(I like Strong women), and as noted in the Movie, “temperamental? You know I can think of another Word for it.”  Moira plays Kate Moseley, A rich kid pairs Figure skater. She’s been Groomed since she was 3 to be an  Olympic Champion. She’s been raised mostly “alone’  by her father played by Terry O’Quinn.  I emphasis  alone, cause She also has her Coach  Anton Pamchenko. Played marvellously by Roy Dotrice. Now Over to Sweeney’s character. Doug Dorsey,  the Next Big thing in Hockey.  I know he looks 30 but think of him as Sid the Kid.  We start off at the 88 Olympics in Calgary,  Which I recognise Right away as Victor K.  Copps Coliseum.  Not to mention the HSR bus driving by the ramp as Doug Runs in late.  Hamilton represent!

Very early in the movie Kate and Doug “Bump” into Each Other,  and are Rather abrasive to one another. That attitude will stay the same throughout most of the movie.  Since this is probably the first “chick flick”  or Romantic Comedy I ever seen.  I feel it fit’s the mould perfectly.  Although there is a lot of humour, its never so over the  top.  Don’t get me wrong. It is funny.  Sweeney and Moira, spend almost the entire movie at odds with one another.   Oh yeah I forgot to get to the plot.  He’s a hockey player with an Injury to his vision which prevents him from  playing hockey.  And She’s a Bitch who cant find a partner to stick around.   They do point out the obvious plot hole of. “We should have been making her Single skater”  its kind of hard to Explain the plot without using terminology from the movies. maybe that's not the plot, maybe those are MacGuffins. I watch too much Nostalgia Chick. Nevermind the plot. its outlined in the Trailer. See above. hehehe

        The Director: Paul M.Glaser,  Well He Directed The Running Man.  Which is good.  But He also directed Kazaam, which was…not.  Well I like what he did here so lets just keep Shaq out of this.  I want to talk about the Soundtrack but I really Don’t know what to say.  The main theme song of the movie is Feels like Forever, by Joe Cocker. Just the Right note to end this movie with.  All the music in this movie is just done right.  As with the plot, the acting, the feel, the pace, nothing is forced.  Everything just blends together very well. Take it from me, I down a lot of shakes.

Any fans of Battle of the blades. On CBC.  Well this movie was the inspiration of that show.  Even so far as one of the ladies Christine Hough-Sweeney, No not that Sweeney. She married Don Sweeney former Boston bruin.  She was paired with Tie Domi. Yes in a Figure skating Competition.  Here She Plays Smilkov. Who?  Smilkov and Brushkin.  The favoured russian pair. Brushkin
Was played by her then partner, Doug Ladret. I just think this is all kind of neat.

       Also I would like to mention that there has been 3 sequels to this movie.  And Before you ask they all Suck.  Okay so I only saw 2 of them.  Part 2 really sucked.  Everything was Forced, and just not up to par.  The third one. I Actually didn't mind as much. It found some of the magic of the original.  I was searching for the picture for the post when i happened upon  The Cutting Edge 4.  To Quote Kevin smith when talking about a possible Beetlejuice sequel.  “ Didn't we say all we had to say about this in the first one”.  I would like to mention that what I really hate about these made for TV sequels(doesn't that just make it worse) is that since this is One Of my Favourite movies. I have to see the fourth one.  I started this journey I’m Gonna End it.  But in all Seriousness.  Blades of Glory would have been a better Sequel.  These ones are just Turning Circles.

       I hope I have painted a picture, that makes you want to see this movie, or at least see it again. there is a Charm to this movie that I can’t really Describe.   By the End of the movie you want these two to be together so bad, you can almost taste it.   I love this movie.  This was a very hard choice to decide whether this would be one or two in my list.  This movie gets the very Rare and Very Coveted  Diva Stamp of Approval.  Only one more movie left.  Those who know me will guess it right away.  Start the side scrolling title.  Da da da da da da da.  By the way, did I mention I loved Moira Kelly.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


1 ex and One Failed Next. And Of course me.   hey If I don't follow By Bog who will.  LOL anyways just noticed that.  I just realized that this is my Blog.  so i don't need polished pieces of Literature.  I can write anything I want.  and despite the fact that in almost a year I've had 180 Page views,  it is nice to see that my "Never been Kissed" review Of Glee is the Most Read(13). I know its sad.  Last year was a good year. Had a Woman or 2.  Last Christmas was Better than this Christmas.  I got to spend it With my Beloved. and This Christmas I got Really sick.  My Beloved Came Down for her Birthday.  it was Wonderful.  Competed in My first Singing Competition.  I can't sing, But I def. Stole the show.  well when 2 of your Female Competitors Dedicate theirs Songs To you.  I felt Like the karaoke King That Night.  

      My birthday was A very Important Day last year.  Not Just Cause I found a few friends who share my Day with me.  I had My Physical Assessment done, for the Empire.  For More Information. For the Record I haven't achieved My Peak yet. in fact I',m Half way there.  I lost 50 lbs since I started at the Empire. The winter months have been Hard on me.  too much work makes me too tired to workout.  Also On my Birthday.  I went On a first Date.  She was a Nice enough Girl.  I Miss her sometimes When I'm going swimming.  But I was happy for a month. 

I thought about doing this Year in review Blog But I haven't really Known what I was gonna say.  so I guesss thats it.  Next years "Year in Review" Blog I'll give you a sneak peak.

So as I left Jessica's house, to Head over to Mary and Pam's  All I could think about was Man I'm cursed to be this Beautiful

Saturday, January 22, 2011

No. 3 The Fisher King

Number 3. The Fisher King.  Originally watched the First Clip on the movie. The Teaser if you will. For a Bible Study Class with Bulldog Dave leading the Class.   He  Often used Movie to Demonstrate different things.  This was a case Of  Showing how are actions can affect someone Else.  Someone we don’t even know exists.  I’d heard of the movie in name only.   So SPOILER ALERT Jack (Jeff Bridges) plays an Howard Stern-esque disc jockey.  One of his Listeners, calls up on a regular Basis, He says he wants to ask this girl Out.  Jack goes on a  Monologue on how Rich people are Messed up and Inbreeding and  that they should probably all die.  Well later that night Jack’s Listener goes and Shoots up a Fancy Spot Killing 8 people Before Killing Himself.
    And that’s Where the Bible study Ended. But afterwards Dave Allowed us to watch the whole thing.  I mean We were hooked. What an amazing opening.   It cuts to 3 years later,. Jack is a Suicidal Drunk living with a Video store Owner.  But that’s all Boring until he meets Perry. Robin Williams Got an Oscar nomination for this role. This movie is just something.  It’ll make you cry and laugh at the same time.  Really hard feat to do but Director Terry Gilliam does it well. From Camelot, to Broadway,  and everything in between.   Oh and did I mention that Perry is homeless, and Nuts.  His life got screwed up cause his wife was shot.  By jacks listener.  This Instantly became One of my favourite movies. And here it is at number 3 on my favourite list.

Robin Williams has been nominated 4 times for an Oscar,  Dead poets Society, Good Will hunting(which he won), Good Morning Vietnam< and as I mentioned the Fisher King.  Now I really Like Good Will Hunting. I think it’s a great Movie.  But I really think This is robins best performance.  It is the quintessential Robin Williams Performance.   There’s a Scene Early On where He and another Homeless Man Just Start Yelling at the sky like a couple of nuts.  His friend Breaks first with “How are you tonight?”  Williams Replies “ Not bad, John. And you?”  “Cant Complain”.  Its just so random and so funny.  Bridges does well as the straight man.  Except that he has more problems than poor Perry.  Since Perry Is his fault.  At least he believes that.  so Jack thinks he needs to hook up perry with this Lady he fancies named Lidia.   Well that doesn't help.  He needs to Find The holy Grail.  I'm not kidding.  the Visuals Of the Demons that Perry fights are just Amazing.  this is such a Good movie.  I'm gonna go watch it again as soon as I post this.

I’m writing these and reviewing these movies Cause I want to share with you a part of who I am.  I also want people to hear about movies they may not have heard of.  Even though There are 2 more movies to come.  In my top 5.  This is the One that I Strenuously recommend that you watch.  It is an amazing movie.
People too easily dismiss Robin as a Comedian.  But you have to remember. He studied at Julliard.  And If anyone can name his roommate.  Post it in the comments.  And You’ll win a free copy of this movie, On VHS  lol Okay I’ll buy you a cookie.