Friday, February 5, 2010

Hmmm. Now That it is a mere couple of hours away I'm really Not that Excited. Bullshit!!!! I'm am Stoked, And Foked. this is the Episode I have been Waiting For. Absolute Justice. Well Geoff Johns a Living Legend In the Comic books. was asked To come to smallville last year. He Penned one Episode. Legion. The thought of bringin Legion Of Superheroes to Television, To live action. was monumental.. Everyone at were having Nerdgasms. the show came and went and damn if it wasn't the best show of the 8th Season. So PS3 says, "hey why dont you come back and do 2 in season 9"? Which brings us to tonights double dose of Geoff Johns. the League Meets the Society. Absolute Justice. Honestly When I seen the Screen caps, and Promo's of Jay Garrick's Helmet and Alan Scott's Ring.....OMG Maybe they're gonna do this one right. I cant wait. I hope your stoked too.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Some Poetry

If only I knew How to add Categories. anyways a little bit of Poetry Goes along way

As I used my "abs" to stand up after doing some Floor Exercises. An Incredible Pain Shot through me Starting in the Gallows of my Gut. All those Abdominal Muscles That I'd Only Read about On the Diana THe Valkyrie's Website. Suddenly Started Rippling and Contracting After Months Of Laying Dormant, Came To life with This Blinding Pain Screaming there Return To power. Only Problem was. I was the one Who was Screaming. Doubling Me Over, Making me Swear Allegiance to them, Swear Never To abandon them again. With Tears in my eyes I Complied with their Wishes. After the Dam had burst The river became calm yet again. I would Defiantly Not wait another 5 months before Saying Hi to my abs again

So yes If you haven't heard The Rock came Back and Won the Title, and Cena Won the Rumble. so WrestleMania 26 is set........hahahahaha. Okay so that didn't happen. Got this Pic From a dude in I think its funny. I didn't have the BLOG when He Gave it to me, so I never asked his Permission. Hopefully I can get him to Visit my Blog and yay Or nay. But Honestly that would Be A Helluva Wrestlemania. so anyways My Predictions For Rumble. I went 6 for 6, Including Picking Edge, Even tho HE wasn't Scheduled to be there. As Much as I like wrestling I try to Enjoy it, and not sit back going ooh "Good Sell, Cena Sucks, Wrestling was better in the 90's, 80's, 70's, 60's........" You get the Point, No cena Haters Allowed or Miz haters. hows that For Diversity. I do want to get a TNA Post up soon. I straddled the Line for Awhile and Just crossed it at Bound For Glory. let you know about that later

Disciple aftermath

I remember Someone Told Me the Twist ending to The Sixth Sense, and I tried Watching it but I just Couldn't. after I knew It Kinda ruined it(notice I didn't Ruin it for you guys). So in Disciple I Didn't know the Ending but all I'm thinking about Is this weeks Absolute Justice. I liked this Episode, I liked that Clark was Smiling and not so Emo "I'm In Love with you but I might kill you if we have sex wawawawa" Zod was really Scary and Well acted in this one. Also Enjoyed the Whole Ollie Storyline. the Show was a 10 outta 10. BUT....I just wanna watch Absolute Justice. now Onto The Rumble