Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Favourite Things

So they just sang this song on 'How I Met Your mother'.  So I figure I might as well try and list my favourite things to try and help me feel better.

In no particular order.

I like Wrestling,  with or without Muppet's

I like television shows, yet I don't have cable.
Top of the list would be Smallville, Glee,  Quantum Leap, and Due South.

I like Superman obviously.  But I don't read the comics anymore.  I suppose I like the idea of Superman.
A man so Strong and Powerful,  Kryptonite not with standing.  His weakness and Strength are one in the same.
His Love for people.  I know a little something about that.

Obviously I love Movie musicals.  I'm not even ashamed.   I like Singing in Bar's, at work, Coffee shops, where ever the musical is brought up.  Still want to film myself Singing Santa Fe from Rent on the Subway.

I love to laugh, I love my cat will Meow very loudly if I roll away from petting him.  He'll even start patting me with his paw as if to say " hey Pal I'm Done"

I love Karaoke,  I love how even though I have the worst singing voice ever. People love to see me perform cause they know I'll give it my all.  I suppose I live life the same way.

I love training for a kettlebell competition.  Even though I haven't trained in almost a year.  I'll get back there one day.   Cause I'm gonna win it all, and meet lots of FBB's.

I love Female body Builders.  hehehe. I guess you seen that one coming.

I also Like BBW's which is contradictory I know.  But I like to keep em guessing.

Jogging is one of my favourite things as well.

And last but not Least. I love Drinking.   When I'm In Training It's one of the things I give up.   If tastes so much better,  when you go to a bar cause you hit your goal of losing X amount of weight.  

I guess that did cheer me up a little.  If Julie Andrews by chance does see this Blog.  Please play Chris Coffer's Grandmother on Glee. Pretty please.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Heartbroken at Halloween.

I don't know who else to tell.  I don't really know who I can talk too.   Emotionally I've been so up and Down over the last couple of weeks.   First I had the date, where the girl was hot, Cuddling up on the couch with me.  Sitting on my lap,  hell she even pee'd in front of me.  Twice.  So She's Definitely into me right?  Until her boyfriend showed up at the bar.   I felt Like I wanted to die.  I mean really die.   So I'm Depressed for a few days.  But then the most amazing thing happened to me.  A woman from my Facebook asked me out for Halloween.  Wow, my life starting looking up right away.   So the day of the date she cancelled.   I figure what the hell.  I'll go out anyways.   First bar is dead.  But a lovely couple I met a few years ago invite me to another bar.  Where I meet the Hottest Silk Spectre 2 I've ever seen.  She gives me her contact information.   That's awesome.  (of course I found out later she had a Boyfriend,  to which I was Relieved at the time)  But then we go to the third bar of the night.  I'm immediately  drawn to this beautiful woman.   and through out the night I realize she's just perfect for me.  Same sense of humour,  and everything.  The problem is I wasn't listening when she said she was busy.   I really just didn't want her to forget me.   I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.   Some people may think I'm taken too long to get over my car accident.  What they Don't understand. is they'll never know how it felt to wake up and realize that if I had of died.  I would have died alone.  Granted I love my family, and friends.  They're great.  But I was coming home every night to a cat.   I thought back to all the women who said "I'm sure you'll make someone really happy someday"  Well I almost bought the farm, and I wouldn't have made anyone happy.   So when this perfect for me, woman told me she "should Let me Go."  Before we even made it to a first date, or a first phone call.  All these feelings came back to me.   I'm fighting back the tears as I write this.   I hate knowing that I'm gonna die alone.   Why is everyone else allowed to be in love, but I'm not.  This was a really crappy couple of weeks.  I'm glad no one reads this.