Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

SO this Is Christmas?  What Have you done?  Don’t you Hate Christmas.?  I usually Do.  Until I Hear Burl Ives.  Or Sam, What you never heard of a talking Snowman before?  I don’t know what it is.  Maybe it’s the Timelessness of the Tale.  But Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer. Is my all time Favourite Christmas Special.  A few Years ago I was Living with a Family. The kids asked Did you watch this When you were a Kid…I replied “ My mom watched this when she was a kid.”   Yukon Cornelious, the Bumble, Clarice, Fireball, the Isle of Misfit Toys,  A rather  rude skinny Santa, Hermie, and Of Course Rudolph.  
    Rudolph first appeared in a 1939 booklet written by Robert L. May and published by Montgomery ward.  Roberts Brother-In-Law Johnny Marks, Decided to turn the tale into a Song.  But were not here to talk about that. We’re here to talk about Rudolph.  I don’t know if it’s the Stop motion, or the Cheesy-ness of the Dialogue… But Boy oh boy.  there is Loads of heart in this one. Brings a Tear to my eye every year.  Fills Me with joy and all that Crap.  I don’t really Know what the Christmas Spirit is Or what it is Supposed to be.  But I know Rudolph has Tons Of it.  If you haven’t seen it. Your Probably Pinko Scum. LOL  But If you haven’t seen it this year.  Seek out Youtube, and Seek out Rudolph.    

Spoiler Alert


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Well Its time For Number 4 on my top 5 favourite movies of all time.  I was Wondering A lot about this one.  I’ve noticed that my favourite movies I saw all around the same time, in my Life.   My teenage years.  So I was wondering  if they can ever be replaced or if these are my faves forever.  I almost Substituted rent in here but I realized although I do Like Rent. It just Doesn’t Compare to The Princess Bride.   When Princess Bride Originally opened in theatres, it was For all intense and Purposes, A Flop.  But It has Actually Grown In Popularity since its home video release.  It was After Andre The Giants death reading about   his accomplishments, when I heard about this movie.   So yes the only reason I watched it was Due to Andre.  But I’m Glad I did.  Although I feel that Andre steals Every scene he’s in(How can you not when your 7’5)  but its actually his Personality not his stature.  As far as Fairy tales go, this one doesn’t try to be anything but.  Names Like Humperdinck, and Princess Buttercup, attribute to that.   Its Just a wonderful Fantastical joyride.  From  Cary Elwes’ Almost  Lethargic way of delivering his lines,  Just so matter of factly.  Take when he’s Surrounded By all the kings men . They Demand Surrender!  Westly Replies Okay I accept your Surrender.  Not that it isn’t well Acted.   Also I cant  do a review of this movie without mentioning Wallace Shawn as Vizzini. Why to not mention him would be “Inconceivable”.   Fezzik  the afore mentioned Andre, is a very light hearted Brute.  Believing in sportsmanship, and He Likes the rhyming game.  He has a bond with  Inigo Montoya, Played my Mandy Patinkin (hey what were you Patinkin) who definitely  has the line that most people remember from the Flick.  “Hello My name is Inigo Montoya, You killed My Father. Prepare to Die”.  theres also a Cameo by Billy Crystal. Who Upon meeting Andre was Inspired to Write and Star in the movie. My Giant.  Well those are the Characters.  I could talk about the plot and all that. But I prefer to talk about the Things I like about the movie.  I  Cant put a finger on why this is one of my favourite movies. It just touches Something Deep inside me.  Is it a guilty Pleasure to Enjoy a movie that was made For Rob Reiners 2 daughters.  Therefore it was meant for Little girls who like princess movies, and Eternal love and such.  I suppose it is. Go give it a watch.  You’ll never be the same.

I’d be remised if I Didn’t mention the fencing Duel.  If you don’t like Fencing you will after this Fight.  The Repartee Between Inigo and Wesley is absolutely,  Hilarious.  The Conversation before Hand, Giving the Exposition of  Inigo Story.  There so polite For People that are about to Fight Each other,  it’s a Must See. Even if you just Google that Clip.

Friday, May 21, 2010


wow so its been a month since my last confession.  i.e. Blog. well the op 5 fav. movie reviews are coming, however today is my Birthday.  I really  want to Go to the Bar and Sings some songs. but I have an Appointment at 9 tomorrow and I'm really tired now.  I can Barley keep my eyes open to write this.  I mean it is My Birthday, and all in all, since last year not much has Changed. I mean, I still work the same job. I'm still Husky, But really Sexy husky. I still feel Like a hermit. although my apt. is Cleaner.  but all in all. I'm still alone in the Romantic Dept. My friends have been great. I think I only got about a 5 or 6 Happy Birthdays last year on Face book. this Year I got. like 20.  connected with some old friends, Met some new ones.  Been laughed at when I asked a Girl To Dance.  I guess laughing is happy, and laughter is positive, where as the names they Used to Call were not.  I guess By the Time I'm 40 a woman might want to settle Down.  well Happy Birthday Diva

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

With Honors

    Years Ago I thought of Different Sort Of Psychology.  Now I’m Not A Major in anything. But I had This Idea that if you took an honest look at your Top 5 Favorite movies, it would tell you something about yourself.  So I have decided to review my Top 5 movies.  Starting with number 5.  With Honors. For more on the Movie  watch the Trailer .  First of all, Many People might start running for the doors when they see Brendon Frasiers name.  I personally Like him, But with Dudley Do Right, George of the Jungle,  Encino Man,  and the Mummy 3 Under his Belt. He Does have a History of  Bad Movies.  So here’s one You may not have heard of.  Released in 1994,  also Starring Joe Pecsi, who is about to give his most memorable performances.  A Supporting Cast that is Second To none.  Patrick Dempsey,   Not Looking so McDreamy here, as a Lay about Disc Jockey, who’s enjoying the Finer things about College life. You know Like partying and Getting Laid.  Also Starring Someone who Will pop up once more in my top 5,  The Moira Kelly.  The Epitome of My Dream girl.  Strong, Snarky, Crass, and the Love interest of Brendon’s in this movie although she is more than that.   I guess If you watched the Trailer, I don’t have to bore you with the Synopsis.  So I’ll Just Give My Impression.   The Movie is about Helping one Grow,  When We first meet Monty(Frasier)  he’s the typical Rich Kid you love to hate.   Simon(Pecsi)  looks Nothing like Joe Pesci. With his Long Hair and Beard.  He is Quick witted and Extremely Intelligent.  As someone living in the Boiler room of a Library should be.  After the Initial Awkwardness of the Characters,  something more than Just a Friendship is being Played out. And Monty wants to Help Simon, but Eventually its Simon Who Helps and teaches Monty.   I don’t think I have to give this Movie a Thumbs Up If its My 5th  Favourite Movie.  So if you have nothing to do  and are looking for a movie to Watch . With honors is Decent  Flick.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Stay Hungry (1976)

At a Giant Tiger…sorry GT Express. Wrestlemania Weekend.  I always enjoy looking at the Cheap Movies.  Some are Bad Movies. Witch you hope are bad, and Others are Hidden Gems.  I see Arnold Schwarzenegger.  I better look at this one.Stay Hungry  Also Starring  Jeff Bridges(Bonus),  and Sally Field.  Well 2 good Actors and Arnold. Also Its From 1976, this Mite Just Be Arnolds First movie.  Pumping Iron He Played Himself so That Don’t count. Lets Have a Look.  Well First of all I notice Robert Englund Squeky Voiced Little Gym Dweeb,  Apparently He’s Joe Santos’s Oil Boy…Oh Santos is Arnolds Character.  Yeah He Looks Like a Santos.  I should Mention this is Based On the Book of the same Name written By Charles Gaines.  First thing  I Notice When I put the DVD in is there's a Features Section. Not Even Special Features. Just Features.  There is a Commentary Option By the Director and Field and Bridges.  Right away I have a good Feeling about this Movie.  Both have Won  Oscars,  although Jeff’s not til Recently.  He’s Been Nominated  about 6 times.  I gotta Honestly Say I am a Jeff Bridges, Mark, or Fan.  Ever Since The Fisher King.  So For the 2 of them to actually Do a commentary Years later.  I think they Must Be Proud of this Movie.   I Guess I should Also Mention that this Movie was Nominated and Won For  2 Golden Globes.  Best Comedy Adapted from Another Medium, Both Charles Gaines and Director  Bob Rafelson, we’re Nominated.  And  the Golden Globe  goes to  Arnold Schwarzenegger, in the Category of Best Acting Debut in a Motion Picture - Male.   Wow How Bout that.  Arnold award winning actor.  The First Time We See Arnold, He’s Lifting Weights With a Cape and a mask.  He later Says Its just cause its Funny.  It is a Heart Warming Tale,  Arnold Is Very Watchable in this Movie,  and Doesn’t  Remind me  at all Of the Arnold we all make Fun of.  And Yet Here He is Playing a Bodybuilder.  His Natural Charisma, and Charm are on Fell Display.  But He Isn’t the Star. This If defiantly about Bridges and Field.  And There On-screen Chemistry is Real Apparent,  and Seems Real Authentic.  I guess I Found A Gem, Not a Lemon,  I defiantly Recommend this Movie,  To anyone Who Enjoys a Good Love Story,  and The South.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

What has V.O.G. Done For me Lately

    My bar travels have been rocky to say the least.  I’m a hermit by trade.  Yet even I get sick and tired of the same 4 walls everyday.  So I try an change my ways, and go out.  The one thing missing from this bar was Karaoke. Aside from Wrestling and anything related to Superman,  Karaoke “are a few of my Favourite things”.   It happens, “my bar” gets karaoke,  well I hitch up my saddle and a way  I go.   Showing off my chops for the regulars,   was a lot fun, but this was only the beginning.  One of the lovely ladies that was at Karaoke that night invited me to another bar where they perform…..Since her friend was the host I accepted Forthwith.  And down the road I went.   For reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture,  I walked away.

    Such was the case another bar I had come to envelop, to call my own, But due to my Low Self Esteem, I felt I had been Humiliated….Again.  Well maybe in a Few months.  I’d venture forth once more,  to find another bar.  Rinse.   Repeat.

    Inbox(1).  It was the Lamp Lover, Cletus the Karaoke King , himself.  The Magician of the Mic.  Wrote me a letter, wondering where I’d been.  And in no uncertain terms, let it be known, it was not I who should be humiliated but those who….It Doesn’t Matter.  “we got a new spot, we would Love to have you out”.  What could I say but yes.   I was welcomed back with open Arms.  The Danger Man had a New mission.  To feed the DIVA.

    Only one problem. There was no Diva to be found.  Yet.  The Only way to truly make an entrance, is to be surrounded by those you love, and who love you back.  And Slowly but Surely(don’t call me Shirley)  My  entrances became bigger and bigger.  More and more Love was Bestowed  upon me, as I Besmirched those who didn’t want nor deserve mine. Somewhere in the middle of all this I fell in love with…me.  I had somehow found all the Self Worth I lost so long ago.  Soon Women , girls, and a few Angels,  started noticing not my 6-pack but my Radiance,  offering duets, and to be Dance partners. Flabbergasted was I.  I was on top of the World…………BUT…..
    I’d been Humiliated again.  Time to Move on…..I’d overstayed my welcome……NOT THIS TIME…….V.O.G. has Created a Diva. No, no, no, no,  The DIVA was Inside Me all along.  All I needed was the Voices Of God, to awaken Him.  Each and Every Singer, Host, Fan, Judge, and Waitress.  I’m not Leaving, For I have found my Home…..The Isle of Misfit Toys.
                                                     Darryl Diva


Monday, March 15, 2010

         The poet sits alone on stage, a mic, and a spotlight.   Tells an arousing, morally salacious tale, meant only in jest.  later a woman walks up and says that poem was deep.  Does anyone Listen?

    The poet Tells of a Lost love.  About the one that was equal, in passion,  intellect, and thoughtfulness, When Suddenly without warning the wind carried her away.  The Crowd Laughed.  Does anyone Listen?

    Dismayed, Depleted, Depressed, Defeated.  Walking Home Alone,  Wishing it would rain,  an Idea popped into the Poets head.  and his Home Surrounded him,  a pen, a paper.  He starts painting In Fonts, Satisfied with the result,  The last two lines are Read aloud.

    The Poets speaks, Doesn’t anyone Listen? They Pay attention, does it matter?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm just saying

Just a Quick Post, to let you know I've changed my settings to allow anyone to Comment. so you don't have to sign up. Plead and Spanks you.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Here is Jack Larson, Jimmy Olsen. Well The Jimmy Olsen that Hung out with George Reeves. Mr' Larson is royalty in Superman Fandom. So whats he Doing here, A Cameo, Doing a scene with Sam Huntington, The Jimmy Olsen, in Brandon Routh's Universe. I watched this Movie Several Times, and It only just Occurred to me that there is a Bigger Cameo at Work here. That's Right, Larson is Portraying a Bartender Can You Guess the barkeep's name. Bibbo. That's right jack Larson Playing Bibbo, a cameo in a Cameo. but really I just wanted to Explain Why I had that Pic. Which I got from in Case you wanted to know.

What I wanted to talk about today was more the aspect of who Bibbo is, and Who I am. I believe Bibbo Could have his own Movie. Superman only Has to be Mentioned in it. and maybe seen Whooshing by. Because Bibbo's story is a Human Interest Piece, Brought up up in Suicide Slums. was a trained Boxer in his Early days, went on to being a Longshoreman, spending his Evenings at the Ace of Clubs, a popular hole-in-the-wall in the area around the docks. to one day Owning that Establishment. Now over the years he had made friends with Superman. So Nov. 12 1992, crushed him to the Bone. Superman Died. Using Everything he had, to stop the unstopable, Supes gave every ounce of his Being to Kill this Monster known as Doomsday. But what he really did was rip the hearts out of everyone on the planet. and Bibbo notwithstanding was also crushed Holding a unofficial Wake at His Bar. bought a round for everyone of his patrons.

Reign of the Supermen. A Boy, A Man of Steel, A Cyborg, and An Eradicator. 4 Supermen each Slowly, draining the Legacy of Superman. Well Bo Bibbowski had had enough. Throwing on a some Old sweats from his boxing Training Days and a Superman Sweatshirt, He wanted to make sure no one forgot who "Sooperman" was. it was on his first Night patrol that He saw someone throwing a bag of Puppies in to the River. without a Seconds Hesitation, Bibbo Ran and jumped into the near freezing cold mid-nov waters. swam after the bag and brought it up to the surface. on shore the bag ripped open all the puppies were dead.....He Couldn't even save some puppies, he thought. Just then one of them moved, let out a weak yelp, and Bibbo's tears of inner turmoil, suddenly became tears of joy. as he grabbed the puppy and and held it near to keep it warm. This story and this story alone is Why I appreciate Bibbo, Why I admire takes a man to save someones Life. But it takes a "Sooperman" to save that of a Puppy.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Hmmm. Now That it is a mere couple of hours away I'm really Not that Excited. Bullshit!!!! I'm am Stoked, And Foked. this is the Episode I have been Waiting For. Absolute Justice. Well Geoff Johns a Living Legend In the Comic books. was asked To come to smallville last year. He Penned one Episode. Legion. The thought of bringin Legion Of Superheroes to Television, To live action. was monumental.. Everyone at were having Nerdgasms. the show came and went and damn if it wasn't the best show of the 8th Season. So PS3 says, "hey why dont you come back and do 2 in season 9"? Which brings us to tonights double dose of Geoff Johns. the League Meets the Society. Absolute Justice. Honestly When I seen the Screen caps, and Promo's of Jay Garrick's Helmet and Alan Scott's Ring.....OMG Maybe they're gonna do this one right. I cant wait. I hope your stoked too.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Some Poetry

If only I knew How to add Categories. anyways a little bit of Poetry Goes along way

As I used my "abs" to stand up after doing some Floor Exercises. An Incredible Pain Shot through me Starting in the Gallows of my Gut. All those Abdominal Muscles That I'd Only Read about On the Diana THe Valkyrie's Website. Suddenly Started Rippling and Contracting After Months Of Laying Dormant, Came To life with This Blinding Pain Screaming there Return To power. Only Problem was. I was the one Who was Screaming. Doubling Me Over, Making me Swear Allegiance to them, Swear Never To abandon them again. With Tears in my eyes I Complied with their Wishes. After the Dam had burst The river became calm yet again. I would Defiantly Not wait another 5 months before Saying Hi to my abs again

So yes If you haven't heard The Rock came Back and Won the Title, and Cena Won the Rumble. so WrestleMania 26 is set........hahahahaha. Okay so that didn't happen. Got this Pic From a dude in I think its funny. I didn't have the BLOG when He Gave it to me, so I never asked his Permission. Hopefully I can get him to Visit my Blog and yay Or nay. But Honestly that would Be A Helluva Wrestlemania. so anyways My Predictions For Rumble. I went 6 for 6, Including Picking Edge, Even tho HE wasn't Scheduled to be there. As Much as I like wrestling I try to Enjoy it, and not sit back going ooh "Good Sell, Cena Sucks, Wrestling was better in the 90's, 80's, 70's, 60's........" You get the Point, No cena Haters Allowed or Miz haters. hows that For Diversity. I do want to get a TNA Post up soon. I straddled the Line for Awhile and Just crossed it at Bound For Glory. let you know about that later

Disciple aftermath

I remember Someone Told Me the Twist ending to The Sixth Sense, and I tried Watching it but I just Couldn't. after I knew It Kinda ruined it(notice I didn't Ruin it for you guys). So in Disciple I Didn't know the Ending but all I'm thinking about Is this weeks Absolute Justice. I liked this Episode, I liked that Clark was Smiling and not so Emo "I'm In Love with you but I might kill you if we have sex wawawawa" Zod was really Scary and Well acted in this one. Also Enjoyed the Whole Ollie Storyline. the Show was a 10 outta 10. BUT....I just wanna watch Absolute Justice. now Onto The Rumble

Friday, January 29, 2010

the Dark Archer

So its been Like 2 months or so since We last saw Smallville. and What was the last thing we saw, Zod and his 'merry men' "Kneel Before Kal'el" and they weren't talking about Nick Cage's Kid(Coolest name Ever for a Celebs baby). So after all of that we get the Episode Disciple. Starring that guy over their as The Dark Archer. The green Arrow's former student. hmmmm I thought he Trained Himself on the Island with Mercy. Well Cant wait to see what this story will be about. Doesn't matter anyways. This Epi is just Filler Til next week. Absolute Justice............

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So this is Bibbo, I am a Fan of His but I should tell you. I'm not a "I know everything Bout Him" fan.. although Knowing Him at all is quite something. Not the Biggest Supporting Character ever. so anyways I want to have everything on My blog Funny jokes, Funny Videos, Hell as many Naked Female Bodybuilders as you can get. tootles

well well well

so Who is Bibbo???? well He's an Overweight Feller, an Ex Longshoreman, who won the Lottery and/or saved a couple of Bucks. He then bought his Hole in the wall, watering hole. The Ace of Clubs. Oh did I mention He's also a huge Superman Fan, so I thought his Moniker would best Describe my self. So This is my Blog. hmmm was expecting more fan fare. I feel that is a good first post, toodles.