Saturday, January 7, 2012

Well a week into the new year.  My Insomnia came back hard, which has led to depleted energy levels.  It's hard to get up and Go for a walk when it's really cold out, and I have zero energy.  But as it's Saturday night, and I;'m not going out partying this seems like a good a time as any to go out for a walk.    So I may still go out tonight after all.  the lucky thing is I have my metro pass.   If I walk really far and can't walk back due to my pains.  I can always use the TTC to get home.   So in the Mean time I might as well add my thoughts on Season 3 of Enterprise.

Star Trek Enterprise.  The Red headed step child of the star trek universe.  But why?  Okay so it undermines the original series.  The NX-01 was the first Enterprise.  Okay I see why you would hate it based on that.  I remember watching the First Episode.  There was a Klingon. But he looked like a Klingon from TNG and beyond.  That put me off a little.  Then an Opening with lyrics.  That put me off too.  I guess I was too accustomed orchestral music to open the show.  Or women screaming in orgasm as is the case with the original  series.  But lately I've been watching all the seasons.  I’ve seen it in a different way.  I can see what they were doing now. I can’t understand why the ratings went down every season.   There is a series Long Story arc about a temporal cold war.  Which is really intriguing.  Jeffery Combs is a semi regular on the season.  And that’s always good, here he plays Shren of the Andorian Imperial guard.  And they do describe the Klingon problem of why they look Human in TOS.

But what I really wanted to talk about was the third Season.  The story arc for this season actually starts in the Season finale of season 2.  Remember the 2 part episode of Voyager ‘Year of Hell’. well that’s what this season is. Only in stead of 2 parts it’s actually over the whole season.   It starts with an Alien probe that comes to Earth and burns a Swath from Florida to South America.  Killing 7 million people.  So Archer and his crew have to go into the Delphic Expanse. An area of space unlike our space.  Anomilies that rip your Ship apart, pirates, and of Course the Xindi.  The Xindi are the villains of the season.  They’re the guys who killed 7 million Humans.   Its intriguing to watch the crew, find out all these clues, and details about the Xindi.   I beg of you, if you are a fan of Star Trek or at least good television. Buy season 3 of Enterprise.  It’s the best season of the 4 by a long Shot.  I mean after all.  Humanity is always in danger in Star Trek.  But a season long arc, you really feel like there are fighting for something.  I  just wanted to talk about Enterprise.  It’s better than you think, or heard.  And season 3 is must watch.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year.  Re-reading last years ‘year in review’ post, I almost feel as though I’ve gone back in  time.  That is, everything that was looking up last year, is a long way away this year.   I didn’t run the 10K, I didn’t represent Canada at the Kettlebell competition.  I didn’t lose that final 50lbs, in fact I put 50lbs back on.  I Guess I should have realized that last year was gonna be a bad year, when I heard about the “doomsday prophecy” that was gonna happen on my birthday.  That’s May 21st  in case you didn’t know.   So, this year I’ve decided to give everyone a Paid holiday on my birthday instead.  (If anyone is reading this from outside Canada.  May 21st is Victoria Day this year.)

    I don’t feel I need to go into again the details about my accident.  All you need to know is that it sucked.  I also know that you don’t know what I went through, just like I don’t know what you’ve gone through.  Last year I was on the cusp of greatness,  this year I look up to see mediocrity.   That sounds like a challenge to me.  New Years Resolutions sound like a challenge as well.  Probably more like goals.  You can only really make one resolution.  So, despite the obvious visual and Facebook clue from last nights status update.   I’ll tell you here for all to see.

    My New Years resolution is:  The Search For Darryl.

      I know what your thinking.   It’s too vague, no oversight or accountability .  It’s a good thing I’m about to explain what it’s all about.   First of all, as noted.  I WILL only drink (read Get Drunk) 3 times this year.  Wrestlemania, my birthday, and Hallowe’en.  Second, on  Dec. 31st I shaved my face to reveal the cherubic beauty that I posses under all that scruff.   The playoff beard starts now.  I will not shave ‘til I lose 50 lbs.  I’m currently 310lbs.   So 260 is the mark.  I also hope to be back up to working fulltime within 6 months.   I hope I can start back at the gym by then as well.   I also don’t want date till June.  If that.  Now if Valentines Day comes around and someone asks me out, I will probably oblige in a gentlemanly fashion.   Basically the long and the short of it is, despite how long I’ve been single, I don’t want my focus to be split this year.  I want to be the man I was destined to be.   As Will Smith says, “No Plan B, it Distracts From Plan A”.   I’ll find someone to love this year.  I just hope his name is Darryl.
      A year ago I considered my self an Athlete.  I wasn’t the only one who noticed.  Much like Brock Lesnar, that athlete retired due to injury.  I’m still in a lot of pain.   I still have all the stress, and worries that I had yesterday.  But, I also realized that in 2010 I was really happy.   For the most part it was due to the fact that I was training towards a goal.  It was because I realized for the first time in a long time that I was in fact an athlete.   I don’t know where that athlete went.  So the search begins.

    There is more about searching for Darryl though.  I realized last year that I had a talent.  That talent was,  I made a guy who never smiles laugh, and a grumpy guy get up dance.   So either I start my own religion, or I find out how best to use this talent.   Stand up comic?  Moviemaker?  Director?   Who knows?  Something along those lines.  I mean I really do enjoy working in the mud, outside all year long.  But I don’t think It’s what I was meant for.  At the very least I’m supposed to be the Emissary of the Prophets.   Inside joke.  Only one will get it.  So basically I need to figure out how to harness that energy.

    I also want to start a journey this year to live self reliantly.  Some prefer to say ‘Off The Grid”.   I think I can live a sustainable life without the need of a grocery store or,  paying for Hydro.   This isn’t actually a 5 year plan exactly.  More like a before I’m 40 plan.  To do this I will Probably need a car, and some land.  That land may not be in Canada.   Then again, it may be out in BC just waiting for me.  So I need to get my ducks in a row this year concerning that.  Much like My Beloved Ottawa Senators,  this is Year 1 of the ’rebuild’.  Quite a few goals this year.  All attainable, all reachable.  So to quote Mr. Barney Stinson.  The Search For Darryl.  “Challenge Accepted”.