Wednesday, April 21, 2010

With Honors

    Years Ago I thought of Different Sort Of Psychology.  Now I’m Not A Major in anything. But I had This Idea that if you took an honest look at your Top 5 Favorite movies, it would tell you something about yourself.  So I have decided to review my Top 5 movies.  Starting with number 5.  With Honors. For more on the Movie  watch the Trailer .  First of all, Many People might start running for the doors when they see Brendon Frasiers name.  I personally Like him, But with Dudley Do Right, George of the Jungle,  Encino Man,  and the Mummy 3 Under his Belt. He Does have a History of  Bad Movies.  So here’s one You may not have heard of.  Released in 1994,  also Starring Joe Pecsi, who is about to give his most memorable performances.  A Supporting Cast that is Second To none.  Patrick Dempsey,   Not Looking so McDreamy here, as a Lay about Disc Jockey, who’s enjoying the Finer things about College life. You know Like partying and Getting Laid.  Also Starring Someone who Will pop up once more in my top 5,  The Moira Kelly.  The Epitome of My Dream girl.  Strong, Snarky, Crass, and the Love interest of Brendon’s in this movie although she is more than that.   I guess If you watched the Trailer, I don’t have to bore you with the Synopsis.  So I’ll Just Give My Impression.   The Movie is about Helping one Grow,  When We first meet Monty(Frasier)  he’s the typical Rich Kid you love to hate.   Simon(Pecsi)  looks Nothing like Joe Pesci. With his Long Hair and Beard.  He is Quick witted and Extremely Intelligent.  As someone living in the Boiler room of a Library should be.  After the Initial Awkwardness of the Characters,  something more than Just a Friendship is being Played out. And Monty wants to Help Simon, but Eventually its Simon Who Helps and teaches Monty.   I don’t think I have to give this Movie a Thumbs Up If its My 5th  Favourite Movie.  So if you have nothing to do  and are looking for a movie to Watch . With honors is Decent  Flick.

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