Friday, May 21, 2010


wow so its been a month since my last confession.  i.e. Blog. well the op 5 fav. movie reviews are coming, however today is my Birthday.  I really  want to Go to the Bar and Sings some songs. but I have an Appointment at 9 tomorrow and I'm really tired now.  I can Barley keep my eyes open to write this.  I mean it is My Birthday, and all in all, since last year not much has Changed. I mean, I still work the same job. I'm still Husky, But really Sexy husky. I still feel Like a hermit. although my apt. is Cleaner.  but all in all. I'm still alone in the Romantic Dept. My friends have been great. I think I only got about a 5 or 6 Happy Birthdays last year on Face book. this Year I got. like 20.  connected with some old friends, Met some new ones.  Been laughed at when I asked a Girl To Dance.  I guess laughing is happy, and laughter is positive, where as the names they Used to Call were not.  I guess By the Time I'm 40 a woman might want to settle Down.  well Happy Birthday Diva

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