Wednesday, October 5, 2011

And now for No. 1.  Rocky.  What to say about Rocky that hasn’t already been said.  Sly sees the Chuck Wepner- Mohammed Ali Fight.  Thinks this is probably the pinnacle of this guys professional life.  He writes the script,  goes to an acting audition.  Doesn’t get the part, but talks to the producers saying he’s a writer and presents them with the script.   A lot of other struggles and tribulations, and Rocky is released.  Nominated for 10 academy awards.  And took home 3, including John Avildsen for director and of course best picture.

Years later there are countless articles and video’s available on YouTube (not the least of which is “Rocky jumped a park Bench” So what can I say that’s different from the rest.   I guess It’s my own journey.  I’ve lived in the poor neighbourhood all my life.  The other side of the tracks.  Anyone who knows  Hamilton would probably agree.  I’ve felt my entire life like I’m constantly running up those stairs. Never quite reaching the top.  True my training hasn’t always been there.  And truth be told, I’ve never actually had the chance to ‘Go for it”.   But last year I got fed up with all of that. I quit smoking, started eating right, and was being trained by a lunatic.  I went from 320lbs down to 265lbs.  I was on my way to a kettle bell competition.  I saw this as my shot at Apollo. Then I got hit by a car.  And like Superman, I flew thru the air, and landed 30 ft. away.  Imagine going from one day you can clean and jerk a 30lb Kettle bell 144 times in each hand in just under 30mins, to feeling the same burn lifting 4lbs dumb bells.

I’ve walked, even jogged a few times.  It’s the only working out that my Physiotherapist ,  and Doctor allow me to do.  So I look to Rocky.  I jog with the music from all the movies.  I always was the million in one shot, and now I might just be 2 million and one shot.  But I keep going down that road.  There might never be an end to this road, but I’m determined to reach for it.  Time to go for it, I’m gonna fly now.

Despite all the inspirational stuff that can be found in Rocky. Here's a quick Recap. I'd say Spoiler alert but come on How have you not seen rocky.

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