Friday, April 1, 2011

You'd think with all this spare time.

I've been off of work since January 24th of this year.  Not my choosing.  I was Hit by a car.  and 10 weeks later,  I can now lift 3 lbs.   I've Gained back 30lbs of the 55lbs I've lost in the past year.  i have had a Constant Headache,  Both Shoulders are useless, my back is really sore, and My neck movements, are still not 100%.  you'd think with all this Time Off I would have kept up with my Blog.  I've been depressed as you can Imagine.  but am not Suffering from the Clinical Definition Of Depression.  or so I've been told.  I'll try to start posting again.  the problem is, this blog is about me.  and I used to think that I needed something to write about, Like reviews.  But I'm gonna start just Writing, and venting, Cause you will Witness the Rebirth.  I'm at Rock Bottom.  Time To Climb the mountain,  Hug the mountain, make love to the mountain

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