Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Favourite Things

So they just sang this song on 'How I Met Your mother'.  So I figure I might as well try and list my favourite things to try and help me feel better.

In no particular order.

I like Wrestling,  with or without Muppet's

I like television shows, yet I don't have cable.
Top of the list would be Smallville, Glee,  Quantum Leap, and Due South.

I like Superman obviously.  But I don't read the comics anymore.  I suppose I like the idea of Superman.
A man so Strong and Powerful,  Kryptonite not with standing.  His weakness and Strength are one in the same.
His Love for people.  I know a little something about that.

Obviously I love Movie musicals.  I'm not even ashamed.   I like Singing in Bar's, at work, Coffee shops, where ever the musical is brought up.  Still want to film myself Singing Santa Fe from Rent on the Subway.

I love to laugh, I love my cat will Meow very loudly if I roll away from petting him.  He'll even start patting me with his paw as if to say " hey Pal I'm Done"

I love Karaoke,  I love how even though I have the worst singing voice ever. People love to see me perform cause they know I'll give it my all.  I suppose I live life the same way.

I love training for a kettlebell competition.  Even though I haven't trained in almost a year.  I'll get back there one day.   Cause I'm gonna win it all, and meet lots of FBB's.

I love Female body Builders.  hehehe. I guess you seen that one coming.

I also Like BBW's which is contradictory I know.  But I like to keep em guessing.

Jogging is one of my favourite things as well.

And last but not Least. I love Drinking.   When I'm In Training It's one of the things I give up.   If tastes so much better,  when you go to a bar cause you hit your goal of losing X amount of weight.  

I guess that did cheer me up a little.  If Julie Andrews by chance does see this Blog.  Please play Chris Coffer's Grandmother on Glee. Pretty please.

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  1. It's good that you're starting to feel better.

    P.S. Glee sucks :P