Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Some Poetry

If only I knew How to add Categories. anyways a little bit of Poetry Goes along way

As I used my "abs" to stand up after doing some Floor Exercises. An Incredible Pain Shot through me Starting in the Gallows of my Gut. All those Abdominal Muscles That I'd Only Read about On the Diana THe Valkyrie's Website. Suddenly Started Rippling and Contracting After Months Of Laying Dormant, Came To life with This Blinding Pain Screaming there Return To power. Only Problem was. I was the one Who was Screaming. Doubling Me Over, Making me Swear Allegiance to them, Swear Never To abandon them again. With Tears in my eyes I Complied with their Wishes. After the Dam had burst The river became calm yet again. I would Defiantly Not wait another 5 months before Saying Hi to my abs again

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