Friday, February 5, 2010

Hmmm. Now That it is a mere couple of hours away I'm really Not that Excited. Bullshit!!!! I'm am Stoked, And Foked. this is the Episode I have been Waiting For. Absolute Justice. Well Geoff Johns a Living Legend In the Comic books. was asked To come to smallville last year. He Penned one Episode. Legion. The thought of bringin Legion Of Superheroes to Television, To live action. was monumental.. Everyone at were having Nerdgasms. the show came and went and damn if it wasn't the best show of the 8th Season. So PS3 says, "hey why dont you come back and do 2 in season 9"? Which brings us to tonights double dose of Geoff Johns. the League Meets the Society. Absolute Justice. Honestly When I seen the Screen caps, and Promo's of Jay Garrick's Helmet and Alan Scott's Ring.....OMG Maybe they're gonna do this one right. I cant wait. I hope your stoked too.

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