Monday, March 15, 2010

         The poet sits alone on stage, a mic, and a spotlight.   Tells an arousing, morally salacious tale, meant only in jest.  later a woman walks up and says that poem was deep.  Does anyone Listen?

    The poet Tells of a Lost love.  About the one that was equal, in passion,  intellect, and thoughtfulness, When Suddenly without warning the wind carried her away.  The Crowd Laughed.  Does anyone Listen?

    Dismayed, Depleted, Depressed, Defeated.  Walking Home Alone,  Wishing it would rain,  an Idea popped into the Poets head.  and his Home Surrounded him,  a pen, a paper.  He starts painting In Fonts, Satisfied with the result,  The last two lines are Read aloud.

    The Poets speaks, Doesn’t anyone Listen? They Pay attention, does it matter?


  1. I 'd say it takes a lot of guts to g up at the mike.
    Just to reember a song.
    My vocal cords been out of commision for 25 years.
    Everyone ought to be credited for oging up.
    The poet will eventually get their voice heard.

  2. thanks, But I wrote that one about, 11 years ago On the Streets Of Victoria. I've gotton over My hang ups lol thanks For Reading tho