Saturday, March 13, 2010

Here is Jack Larson, Jimmy Olsen. Well The Jimmy Olsen that Hung out with George Reeves. Mr' Larson is royalty in Superman Fandom. So whats he Doing here, A Cameo, Doing a scene with Sam Huntington, The Jimmy Olsen, in Brandon Routh's Universe. I watched this Movie Several Times, and It only just Occurred to me that there is a Bigger Cameo at Work here. That's Right, Larson is Portraying a Bartender Can You Guess the barkeep's name. Bibbo. That's right jack Larson Playing Bibbo, a cameo in a Cameo. but really I just wanted to Explain Why I had that Pic. Which I got from in Case you wanted to know.

What I wanted to talk about today was more the aspect of who Bibbo is, and Who I am. I believe Bibbo Could have his own Movie. Superman only Has to be Mentioned in it. and maybe seen Whooshing by. Because Bibbo's story is a Human Interest Piece, Brought up up in Suicide Slums. was a trained Boxer in his Early days, went on to being a Longshoreman, spending his Evenings at the Ace of Clubs, a popular hole-in-the-wall in the area around the docks. to one day Owning that Establishment. Now over the years he had made friends with Superman. So Nov. 12 1992, crushed him to the Bone. Superman Died. Using Everything he had, to stop the unstopable, Supes gave every ounce of his Being to Kill this Monster known as Doomsday. But what he really did was rip the hearts out of everyone on the planet. and Bibbo notwithstanding was also crushed Holding a unofficial Wake at His Bar. bought a round for everyone of his patrons.

Reign of the Supermen. A Boy, A Man of Steel, A Cyborg, and An Eradicator. 4 Supermen each Slowly, draining the Legacy of Superman. Well Bo Bibbowski had had enough. Throwing on a some Old sweats from his boxing Training Days and a Superman Sweatshirt, He wanted to make sure no one forgot who "Sooperman" was. it was on his first Night patrol that He saw someone throwing a bag of Puppies in to the River. without a Seconds Hesitation, Bibbo Ran and jumped into the near freezing cold mid-nov waters. swam after the bag and brought it up to the surface. on shore the bag ripped open all the puppies were dead.....He Couldn't even save some puppies, he thought. Just then one of them moved, let out a weak yelp, and Bibbo's tears of inner turmoil, suddenly became tears of joy. as he grabbed the puppy and and held it near to keep it warm. This story and this story alone is Why I appreciate Bibbo, Why I admire takes a man to save someones Life. But it takes a "Sooperman" to save that of a Puppy.

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