Monday, March 22, 2010

What has V.O.G. Done For me Lately

    My bar travels have been rocky to say the least.  I’m a hermit by trade.  Yet even I get sick and tired of the same 4 walls everyday.  So I try an change my ways, and go out.  The one thing missing from this bar was Karaoke. Aside from Wrestling and anything related to Superman,  Karaoke “are a few of my Favourite things”.   It happens, “my bar” gets karaoke,  well I hitch up my saddle and a way  I go.   Showing off my chops for the regulars,   was a lot fun, but this was only the beginning.  One of the lovely ladies that was at Karaoke that night invited me to another bar where they perform…..Since her friend was the host I accepted Forthwith.  And down the road I went.   For reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture,  I walked away.

    Such was the case another bar I had come to envelop, to call my own, But due to my Low Self Esteem, I felt I had been Humiliated….Again.  Well maybe in a Few months.  I’d venture forth once more,  to find another bar.  Rinse.   Repeat.

    Inbox(1).  It was the Lamp Lover, Cletus the Karaoke King , himself.  The Magician of the Mic.  Wrote me a letter, wondering where I’d been.  And in no uncertain terms, let it be known, it was not I who should be humiliated but those who….It Doesn’t Matter.  “we got a new spot, we would Love to have you out”.  What could I say but yes.   I was welcomed back with open Arms.  The Danger Man had a New mission.  To feed the DIVA.

    Only one problem. There was no Diva to be found.  Yet.  The Only way to truly make an entrance, is to be surrounded by those you love, and who love you back.  And Slowly but Surely(don’t call me Shirley)  My  entrances became bigger and bigger.  More and more Love was Bestowed  upon me, as I Besmirched those who didn’t want nor deserve mine. Somewhere in the middle of all this I fell in love with…me.  I had somehow found all the Self Worth I lost so long ago.  Soon Women , girls, and a few Angels,  started noticing not my 6-pack but my Radiance,  offering duets, and to be Dance partners. Flabbergasted was I.  I was on top of the World…………BUT…..
    I’d been Humiliated again.  Time to Move on…..I’d overstayed my welcome……NOT THIS TIME…….V.O.G. has Created a Diva. No, no, no, no,  The DIVA was Inside Me all along.  All I needed was the Voices Of God, to awaken Him.  Each and Every Singer, Host, Fan, Judge, and Waitress.  I’m not Leaving, For I have found my Home…..The Isle of Misfit Toys.
                                                     Darryl Diva



  1. if you dont like it...Fuck Off. and if you do like it....Fuck Off. Hey I gotta be fair. lol

  2. A standing ovation, from one VOG Diva to the next.

  3. thank you for Reading, and Stopping By.

  4. Isle of Misfit Toys ... LMAROROFL!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for always being entertaining Darryl - love ya!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. What V.O.G. did for me: Introduced me to a lot of very fun people, helped me expand my repetoire of songs, and made me realize there's a wider variety of people in this world than I ever imagined. Thanks for the good times.

  6. Dear Darryl, like you VOG has taught me so many things, lessons of life that I thought I knew. All in all I would not have changed any night that I attend. My life has been enhanced not only by singing, which I am now brave enough to do, in front of people, but enhanced by everyone I have met at the Karaoke. I feel very fortunate to have had these fun times and come away with very fond memories, that I will cherish all my life. As well as cherish the good friends from these events. Of these new people we may not see each other every week, but we or me specifically will always hold each and every one with a special spot in my life. Many have come and many have left, but they will remain present or past a memory, albeit not always a good memory, but that is a process of life. We look back and either learn something from these moments or just enjoy the warm fuzzies from the moments.
    Take heart in the fact you will always have a freind or two waiting to see you and hear you. You are one of the warm fuzzie memories, in my past and present. I too thank you for the good times past and more to come,,,,, Deb