Sunday, November 28, 2010

Glee Never been kissed Review.

Well its Been Awhile,  Since I've entered anything.  So I'll get back to My Top 5 Movies list in a bit..... First I'd like  Throw My Take On Glee.... Specifically The So Called "Gay Bullying trilogy"  First I Could Start by Telling you What happened In the First Season.. But that would take To Long.  So I'll Start with Episode 6 Of Season 2. Entitled:  Never been kissed.  There are 2 things I wanna Address In this Review/Essay.  First Of all,  The Obvious Bullying of Kurt(My Fave Gleek) by Character name Dave Karofsky.   Its addressed Fairly Early On. Its Also Been a mainstay For Kurt To Deal With all last Season.  After A Talk With Mr. Shu, It Seems like Its All Piling Up on kurt to the point that He's Feeling Over Whelmed.  The Boys and Girls are Split up To do Mash-Ups. Kurt Once again being Told that He has to join the Boys team.  The Guys(mostly Puck) Encourage Him To go Spy On the Competition, at an All Boys School Where He Meets Blaine.  Blaine is an openly Gay Lead Singer Of the Warblers.  In this School Being In glee Is the top of the Food Chain.  Kurt Immediately Connects With him.  and the Look of pure Adulation On his face as  The Warblers Sing " teenage dream" by Katy Perry( I prefer Glees rendition, see what I mean ).  Really Warms the heart Strings. The Second Story arc going On. Is The jocks, are trying to deal with not getting too Excited making out with their Girlfriends.  So they Start Picturing( and Even Saying the name of ) Coach Beiste. played by Dot-marie Jones.  A large Seemingly Un beautiful Woman in their Eye, to Cool their Jets If you will.

There is a major twist to the bullying,  After Blaine gives Kurt the courage to stand up to Karofsky.  So after a heated Exchange where Kurt Says " You can't Punch the Gay outta me anymore than I can punch the ignoramus Out of you" Karofsky is Very Emotional here as He yells for him to " get out of my face" Before He unceremoniously  Kisses Kurt. Yes You read or saw Correctly the Bully Kissed Kurt.  Kurt pushes him away when he goes in for a second one As The bully runs Off. pissed. Kurt is very Emotional at this point as well.   The hardest part For Kurt. is although he's gay. he's also in a high School in a Small town in the Midwest USA. Which means That was his First Kiss from a boy. He admits this to Blaine Who came To William McKinley High School, to Talk to Karofsky.  Karofsky Pushes Blaine back against the wall as Kurt Comes to his Rescue and Pushes the Bully off.  Its Good to see Kurt Standing Up to him. and protecting his Only gay Friend.  I Almost feel what he's going thru. My First Sexual Experience was with another man. and it wasn't Mutual.  You wanna Fight back but You can’t cause he's twice the size of you.  Kurt has Come along way.. to Admitting He's gay to his Dad( who figured as much). to finding a home in Glee. But still being the Outsider. Similar to Rudolph and Yukon Cornelius "we're misfits, even among the misfits".  Kurt is By far My Favorite  Gleek On the Show.  He’s the most human. Not to say the Others don’t have Depth. Its just that I feel he goes beyond the Stereotypes. Sure Finn is the Quarterback Who sings and Dances. But Kurt Just Feels Like the Most relatable Character. You could Really feel the Emotion in Him this Epi.  His Finest moment Musically was last year when He sang Rose’s Turn from the musical Gypsy.  No one Else Could have Sung that with Such Conviction. I think What Chris Coffer Brings to Kurt is the producers modeled , and Created his Character after Chris. He was Reading for another Role. And the Shows Creators  Decided to Create KURT. So what Chris Brings to Kurt is Kurt.  But Alas the last time we see Kurt in his storyline he’s been pushed against the lockers again, and is sitting on the ground probably wondering why.

The Bieste story lines Hits home, Although I Might be the Only 280lbs Guy Who can do handstand push ups,  at the End of the Day. I can totally See Women thinking about me to cool their jets. In the storyline coach Bieste Has never been kissed.  Okay I've been Kissed, Alot. but I've also been turned down alot. Bieste Also Alludes to the fact that Guys who Date her just want to wrestle her ( guilty as Charged I would Love to wrestle a Former World Champion Arm Wrestler).    When Mr. Shuster(Shu for Short) Finds Out what the Guys(and Tina) are Doing he goes nuts. And He Tells Bieste about it.  So she Quits Her Job.  Its in a very tender scene that Shu and Bieste talk about it. And I tell you. Dot-marie Jones has never Looked more Beautiful.  That Shu finds Out she’s never been kissed and She Dreams Of Flowers and “Girly” things just like Everybody Else. So Shu Ever the Empathetic one. Leans In and kisses her. Not as a pity. But also without Strings.  Its Truly Romantic.  And Although I don’t think it will be played out for more than That. It would Be Nice To see a show Put the leading man, with a Beautiful Woman Like Dot-Marie Jones. There is also a moment when Shu says “they(the kids) Like you, they Respect you”  Bieste Replies with “Just what Every girl wants to hear”. That Really hit me.  When I’m trying to get Close to Someone, and they say. “ you’re a nice Guy, You’ll Make a woman really happy One Day.”  Just What Every guy wants to hear.  I don’t know if  Watching glee, or Writing this Is Cathartic.   But I did Start this Blog With a promise To be open an honest. As well as Have a place to write What I’m Feeling.  This is My Blog.  So I really don’t care if you even Read it.  Although I am gonna announce it On my facebook page.

In Closing  I’d Like to give an Over View Of Glee.  Its Pretty much set In a fantasy world….like Most Musicals are. And there are a lot of laughs  and  fun Stuff. And Of course the Music. Actually I could watch the Teenage Dream Scene Over and Over again.  But it has tremendous roots in reality. Its One of those Shows That can make you piss your pants laughing, and Cry out Loud the next. Its not For Everybody.  But Don’t Knock it Till you Tried it.

P.S. I know I didn’t Cover all of what Happened in this Episode. Like Puck, Artie & Brittany. But I’ll get to that Some Other Time. Until then Stay tuned I wanna Have My Number 4 favorite Movie Up this week So keep Checking  back.


  1. Wow, I never knew you felt that way your Always so Happy and Full of Life. and your First, OMG I don't know what to say. I thought this Blog was about Glee, But its Really about...YOU!

  2. Hey! I'm ginnyfan at ksite. I enjoyed your review! Kurt has been my fave character since he came out to Mercedes. I could never put my finger on why. But maybe you're right about him being the most human of the characters.

    I love Princess Bride! I may have to check out your top movie reviews later.