Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Well Its time For Number 4 on my top 5 favourite movies of all time.  I was Wondering A lot about this one.  I’ve noticed that my favourite movies I saw all around the same time, in my Life.   My teenage years.  So I was wondering  if they can ever be replaced or if these are my faves forever.  I almost Substituted rent in here but I realized although I do Like Rent. It just Doesn’t Compare to The Princess Bride.   When Princess Bride Originally opened in theatres, it was For all intense and Purposes, A Flop.  But It has Actually Grown In Popularity since its home video release.  It was After Andre The Giants death reading about   his accomplishments, when I heard about this movie.   So yes the only reason I watched it was Due to Andre.  But I’m Glad I did.  Although I feel that Andre steals Every scene he’s in(How can you not when your 7’5)  but its actually his Personality not his stature.  As far as Fairy tales go, this one doesn’t try to be anything but.  Names Like Humperdinck, and Princess Buttercup, attribute to that.   Its Just a wonderful Fantastical joyride.  From  Cary Elwes’ Almost  Lethargic way of delivering his lines,  Just so matter of factly.  Take when he’s Surrounded By all the kings men . They Demand Surrender!  Westly Replies Okay I accept your Surrender.  Not that it isn’t well Acted.   Also I cant  do a review of this movie without mentioning Wallace Shawn as Vizzini. Why to not mention him would be “Inconceivable”.   Fezzik  the afore mentioned Andre, is a very light hearted Brute.  Believing in sportsmanship, and He Likes the rhyming game.  He has a bond with  Inigo Montoya, Played my Mandy Patinkin (hey what were you Patinkin) who definitely  has the line that most people remember from the Flick.  “Hello My name is Inigo Montoya, You killed My Father. Prepare to Die”.  theres also a Cameo by Billy Crystal. Who Upon meeting Andre was Inspired to Write and Star in the movie. My Giant.  Well those are the Characters.  I could talk about the plot and all that. But I prefer to talk about the Things I like about the movie.  I  Cant put a finger on why this is one of my favourite movies. It just touches Something Deep inside me.  Is it a guilty Pleasure to Enjoy a movie that was made For Rob Reiners 2 daughters.  Therefore it was meant for Little girls who like princess movies, and Eternal love and such.  I suppose it is. Go give it a watch.  You’ll never be the same.

I’d be remised if I Didn’t mention the fencing Duel.  If you don’t like Fencing you will after this Fight.  The Repartee Between Inigo and Wesley is absolutely,  Hilarious.  The Conversation before Hand, Giving the Exposition of  Inigo Story.  There so polite For People that are about to Fight Each other,  it’s a Must See. Even if you just Google that Clip.

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