Sunday, January 23, 2011


1 ex and One Failed Next. And Of course me.   hey If I don't follow By Bog who will.  LOL anyways just noticed that.  I just realized that this is my Blog.  so i don't need polished pieces of Literature.  I can write anything I want.  and despite the fact that in almost a year I've had 180 Page views,  it is nice to see that my "Never been Kissed" review Of Glee is the Most Read(13). I know its sad.  Last year was a good year. Had a Woman or 2.  Last Christmas was Better than this Christmas.  I got to spend it With my Beloved. and This Christmas I got Really sick.  My Beloved Came Down for her Birthday.  it was Wonderful.  Competed in My first Singing Competition.  I can't sing, But I def. Stole the show.  well when 2 of your Female Competitors Dedicate theirs Songs To you.  I felt Like the karaoke King That Night.  

      My birthday was A very Important Day last year.  Not Just Cause I found a few friends who share my Day with me.  I had My Physical Assessment done, for the Empire.  For More Information. For the Record I haven't achieved My Peak yet. in fact I',m Half way there.  I lost 50 lbs since I started at the Empire. The winter months have been Hard on me.  too much work makes me too tired to workout.  Also On my Birthday.  I went On a first Date.  She was a Nice enough Girl.  I Miss her sometimes When I'm going swimming.  But I was happy for a month. 

I thought about doing this Year in review Blog But I haven't really Known what I was gonna say.  so I guesss thats it.  Next years "Year in Review" Blog I'll give you a sneak peak.

So as I left Jessica's house, to Head over to Mary and Pam's  All I could think about was Man I'm cursed to be this Beautiful

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