Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wooooooo its Number 2!

To Quote Black Balled: The Bobby Dukes Story. “I’m number 2, Cause I’m the Shit.”  What a great introduction to my second favourite movie of all time. Ladies and Gentlemen.,  I give to you, The Cutting Edge.

Where should I begin.  Well like the others in my list, I should tell you when and where I saw this.   I was Staying with My Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Charlie one summer as well as  my cousins Emily and Dan. I was 14 or 15 at the time I honestly can't remember..  Anyways we were up at the Cottage.   I forget the Spelling(as if I ever knew)of the town of Coboconk,  on the shores of Balsam lake.  Dan Brought his GF.  I remember her Name.  but only Cause I’m a wrestling Fan.  Her name was Diana Smith…You know Like Diana Hart Smith.  Never mind.  So she Brought up a few Movies.  And The Cutting Edge Was one of them.  So were all Bored one Evening,  and put it on. And man oh man, I liked it.

Starring D.B. Sweeney,  and My new “crush”  Moira Kelly.  As I warned in my With Honours review, Moira would pop up again.  She the only double header In my list.  Here She’s Brash,  Smart, Strong(I like Strong women), and as noted in the Movie, “temperamental? You know I can think of another Word for it.”  Moira plays Kate Moseley, A rich kid pairs Figure skater. She’s been Groomed since she was 3 to be an  Olympic Champion. She’s been raised mostly “alone’  by her father played by Terry O’Quinn.  I emphasis  alone, cause She also has her Coach  Anton Pamchenko. Played marvellously by Roy Dotrice. Now Over to Sweeney’s character. Doug Dorsey,  the Next Big thing in Hockey.  I know he looks 30 but think of him as Sid the Kid.  We start off at the 88 Olympics in Calgary,  Which I recognise Right away as Victor K.  Copps Coliseum.  Not to mention the HSR bus driving by the ramp as Doug Runs in late.  Hamilton represent!

Very early in the movie Kate and Doug “Bump” into Each Other,  and are Rather abrasive to one another. That attitude will stay the same throughout most of the movie.  Since this is probably the first “chick flick”  or Romantic Comedy I ever seen.  I feel it fit’s the mould perfectly.  Although there is a lot of humour, its never so over the  top.  Don’t get me wrong. It is funny.  Sweeney and Moira, spend almost the entire movie at odds with one another.   Oh yeah I forgot to get to the plot.  He’s a hockey player with an Injury to his vision which prevents him from  playing hockey.  And She’s a Bitch who cant find a partner to stick around.   They do point out the obvious plot hole of. “We should have been making her Single skater”  its kind of hard to Explain the plot without using terminology from the movies. maybe that's not the plot, maybe those are MacGuffins. I watch too much Nostalgia Chick. Nevermind the plot. its outlined in the Trailer. See above. hehehe

        The Director: Paul M.Glaser,  Well He Directed The Running Man.  Which is good.  But He also directed Kazaam, which was…not.  Well I like what he did here so lets just keep Shaq out of this.  I want to talk about the Soundtrack but I really Don’t know what to say.  The main theme song of the movie is Feels like Forever, by Joe Cocker. Just the Right note to end this movie with.  All the music in this movie is just done right.  As with the plot, the acting, the feel, the pace, nothing is forced.  Everything just blends together very well. Take it from me, I down a lot of shakes.

Any fans of Battle of the blades. On CBC.  Well this movie was the inspiration of that show.  Even so far as one of the ladies Christine Hough-Sweeney, No not that Sweeney. She married Don Sweeney former Boston bruin.  She was paired with Tie Domi. Yes in a Figure skating Competition.  Here She Plays Smilkov. Who?  Smilkov and Brushkin.  The favoured russian pair. Brushkin
Was played by her then partner, Doug Ladret. I just think this is all kind of neat.

       Also I would like to mention that there has been 3 sequels to this movie.  And Before you ask they all Suck.  Okay so I only saw 2 of them.  Part 2 really sucked.  Everything was Forced, and just not up to par.  The third one. I Actually didn't mind as much. It found some of the magic of the original.  I was searching for the picture for the post when i happened upon  The Cutting Edge 4.  To Quote Kevin smith when talking about a possible Beetlejuice sequel.  “ Didn't we say all we had to say about this in the first one”.  I would like to mention that what I really hate about these made for TV sequels(doesn't that just make it worse) is that since this is One Of my Favourite movies. I have to see the fourth one.  I started this journey I’m Gonna End it.  But in all Seriousness.  Blades of Glory would have been a better Sequel.  These ones are just Turning Circles.

       I hope I have painted a picture, that makes you want to see this movie, or at least see it again. there is a Charm to this movie that I can’t really Describe.   By the End of the movie you want these two to be together so bad, you can almost taste it.   I love this movie.  This was a very hard choice to decide whether this would be one or two in my list.  This movie gets the very Rare and Very Coveted  Diva Stamp of Approval.  Only one more movie left.  Those who know me will guess it right away.  Start the side scrolling title.  Da da da da da da da.  By the way, did I mention I loved Moira Kelly.

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  1. We should never mention Kazaam. Ever.