Saturday, January 22, 2011

No. 3 The Fisher King

Number 3. The Fisher King.  Originally watched the First Clip on the movie. The Teaser if you will. For a Bible Study Class with Bulldog Dave leading the Class.   He  Often used Movie to Demonstrate different things.  This was a case Of  Showing how are actions can affect someone Else.  Someone we don’t even know exists.  I’d heard of the movie in name only.   So SPOILER ALERT Jack (Jeff Bridges) plays an Howard Stern-esque disc jockey.  One of his Listeners, calls up on a regular Basis, He says he wants to ask this girl Out.  Jack goes on a  Monologue on how Rich people are Messed up and Inbreeding and  that they should probably all die.  Well later that night Jack’s Listener goes and Shoots up a Fancy Spot Killing 8 people Before Killing Himself.
    And that’s Where the Bible study Ended. But afterwards Dave Allowed us to watch the whole thing.  I mean We were hooked. What an amazing opening.   It cuts to 3 years later,. Jack is a Suicidal Drunk living with a Video store Owner.  But that’s all Boring until he meets Perry. Robin Williams Got an Oscar nomination for this role. This movie is just something.  It’ll make you cry and laugh at the same time.  Really hard feat to do but Director Terry Gilliam does it well. From Camelot, to Broadway,  and everything in between.   Oh and did I mention that Perry is homeless, and Nuts.  His life got screwed up cause his wife was shot.  By jacks listener.  This Instantly became One of my favourite movies. And here it is at number 3 on my favourite list.

Robin Williams has been nominated 4 times for an Oscar,  Dead poets Society, Good Will hunting(which he won), Good Morning Vietnam< and as I mentioned the Fisher King.  Now I really Like Good Will Hunting. I think it’s a great Movie.  But I really think This is robins best performance.  It is the quintessential Robin Williams Performance.   There’s a Scene Early On where He and another Homeless Man Just Start Yelling at the sky like a couple of nuts.  His friend Breaks first with “How are you tonight?”  Williams Replies “ Not bad, John. And you?”  “Cant Complain”.  Its just so random and so funny.  Bridges does well as the straight man.  Except that he has more problems than poor Perry.  Since Perry Is his fault.  At least he believes that.  so Jack thinks he needs to hook up perry with this Lady he fancies named Lidia.   Well that doesn't help.  He needs to Find The holy Grail.  I'm not kidding.  the Visuals Of the Demons that Perry fights are just Amazing.  this is such a Good movie.  I'm gonna go watch it again as soon as I post this.

I’m writing these and reviewing these movies Cause I want to share with you a part of who I am.  I also want people to hear about movies they may not have heard of.  Even though There are 2 more movies to come.  In my top 5.  This is the One that I Strenuously recommend that you watch.  It is an amazing movie.
People too easily dismiss Robin as a Comedian.  But you have to remember. He studied at Julliard.  And If anyone can name his roommate.  Post it in the comments.  And You’ll win a free copy of this movie, On VHS  lol Okay I’ll buy you a cookie.


  1. Christopher Reeve. WHERE'S MY COOKIE BITCH! :p
    I remember(vaguely) when you made me watch this. It's not one of my favourites, and I never cried. It's not that I don't have a heart, it's that I'm a man. The only emotion I can express is anger. :p