Sunday, December 11, 2011

The girl on the streetcar

     So my crazy drinking buddy of a neighbour, Suggests to me one night while drinking that we should take the streetcar to the end of the line since none of us had ever been to Neville Park.   This is what poor people do for fun. By the by(as the Down Homers like to say), in case you don't know. Neville Park is the end of the line in the east end of Toronto for the streetcar.  Like I said, this is what poor people do for fun.   So we grab a day pass, which allows 2 people to jump off and on at any time, all day on a weekend.    We take the bus to Humber  Loop, and away we go.   Tess(neighbour) makes some rye and fried baloney sandwiches.   We eat a couple on the way and plan on eating a couple on the way back.   We're past the DVP, over halfway.  I notice this girl sitting near us.  Since she's beautiful and I'm a guy so I notice her getting up quickly  to leave the streetcar.  I follow her movements to the side walk where she spins around abruptly, with a look of panic on her face.   I glance at the seat where she was sitting and notice a red gift bag.  I jump up from my seat and rush to the bag and hold it up to the window as the streetcar pulls away.  She nods to confirm that it is hers.  I then see this lady start to run after the streetcar, yet the car keeps going.  I tell Tess, "we're getting off".  We gather our things, and ring the bell.  By this time we're 2 stops passed we're the girl on the streetcar got off.   We exit the car, and get on the side walk where we see this lady running, full tilt, about 2 blocks away.   I hold up her red gift bag and she slows knowing the panic/emergency of the situation is over.  Upon reaching us and being extremely grateful, that is she thanked us about 100 times within 30 sec's.   Saying "thank you so much, this isn't even mine.  We're you guys getting off at that stop anyways?"  I replied "No.  It's just all apart of the adventure".   At me saying that, we locked eyes and for moment knew what each other was thinking,  She was thinking "Oh my god, this is the nicest guy in the world.  Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity".  Of course I was thinking.  "she's cute".  That was all I could think as she leaned in to give me the most honest hug I'd received in ages.  We said our goodbye's and mine and Tess's adventure continued.  Long story short,  there isn't a park at Neville Park.  There is a water treatment plant though.   But walk around a little and you might find the beach,  which at this time of year is mostly  an off-the-leash dog park.  we did play fetch with a little dog named Romeo, who liked for everyone to get a chance to play with him.  We ate  the last 2 baloney sandwiches, and journeyed home.

It was a fun day all in all.  I can't help thinking of that nameless girl from the streetcar. Someone asked me did I get her number?  That would have ruined the moment.   I'm glad she got to where she was going.  I'm glad she got to give that gift to the person that most likely  deserved it.  I know I made her day.  In a perfect world,   she didn't feel jaded by the world for the rest of the week.   I wonder if I'll bump into her again.....only the universe can decide that.    It was nice to know that a woman fell asleep that night probably thinking about me.  Let's put serendipity to the test. She might read this........You never know.

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