Saturday, August 4, 2012

I think I Know...

I think I know what happened to me.  10-12 years ago if a woman told me she wasn't interested, I would make her fall in love with me.  Once bitten twice shy?  Maybe.  I'm not gonna have a cop out excuse like 'I lost my smile',  but I do think I've lost my voice.  Obviously I'm funny, and I can talk to girls with out turning into mush.  But that's not the voice I'm talking about.  I remember back then I could write a poem at the drop of a hat to deal with what I was going through. Now all my ideas are blank or stupid.  I remember not giving a crap if people liked my poems.  They were apart of me. I said what I needed to say.  If you didn't like that.  That wasn't my problem.  I don't know if I should write a poem or go to a poetry reading or something.  either way I need to change this path that I'm up.  Sooner or later I'll become the Squirrel.  Maybe I'll share that poem with you tomorrow.

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