Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fuck Off Cruel World.

So I've asked her out twice.  She never actually says no, she just doesn't write back.  I think she only notices guys who are full of muscles.  If I never got hit by that car I'd probably be there by now.  I was thinking of starting a new blog about just my daily trials of trying to lose weight.  I then thought I might as well just use this one.  I slept all day again today.  I really need to get my sleep back to normal.  That would probably help.   Then I could start going for walks and such as little as I can do.  No wonder I'm single.  Who wants to be with a handicapped dude.  There is also a part of my brain that suggests, If she don't like me now, she'll never like, regardless of what I weigh.  It's very hard to love myself, when I know no one else wants to love me. I'm not talking about family & friends.  I mean I want someone to love me.

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