Sunday, May 6, 2012

Just got into a "fight"

So this Girl.  Me and her believe the same things when it comes to Abortion and Gay marriage.  But we disagree on Presidential candidates.  She is for Obama,  I'm for Ron Paul.  She finds Skeletons in the closest for Ron Paul.  I say they are all based on lies put out there my a controlled media that hates him.   So long Story Short she talks to me like I was  a child. " If you want to believe that you go right ahead.  I only deal with Cold Hard Facts."  So I send her Some Cold Hard Facts.  then she yells at me for putting stuff on her wall.  It's not her Fault. He Intelligence tells her that I'm crazy.   This is the Problem in North America.  Ever Since 9 11, our Rights and all that fun stuff has been taken away.  Some People Believe Only By Bush.  Some people Believe Only By Obama.  Both are wrong. The Patriot Act took many rights away, as Introduced by Bush, and Re-upped my Obama.  The NDAA was introduced by Obama but I guarantee you that if romney got it. the NDAA would stay.  The NDAA says that they can arrest anyone at anytime for Suspicion of being a terrorist. Without trial, or due process or even proof.  The Department Of Justice a few Years ago released a list of Domestic Terrorists.  Ron Paul Supporters, Gun Owners, People who store Food, or Grow Gardens. I can't make this up. I read it with my own eyes after downloading it from the Pentagon's website.  Legally like everyone can.  That document from the DOJ was done under Bush.  I'm not Picking on Obama,  they're both Evil.  Now as of March next year every american is supposed to have a Chip put in them.  that Sounds Crazy.  But I've read the Bill From Congress.  Once again I'm the Crazy theorist.   Oh and Alex Jones Broke the story 2 years ago.  It is clear to me that people only like Facts when it suits them.  If you show them other facts they treat you like a child or like your crazy.   I was basically Bullied by this person.  She puts 8 posts on my wall. all Lies about Ron Paul.  All Opinion based news.  I put Facts On hers and she did nothing but yell at me.   My facts debunked her Assertions.  So the Best way to deal with that.  Block me.  Only surround herself with people who believe Exactly what she Believes.   Anyone else with Facts.  "Has no Life", is a crazy conspiracy Theorist, and needs to ignored.  Learn from history or you'll be doomed to repeat it.

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