Sunday, May 27, 2012

She was right

So who was right. Sexy Sailor.  She told me that I was always "on", always making jokes and all that stuff.  So I tried talking to this girl at the bar only I kept my jokes at a minimum.   We had a nice conversation,  she hugged me goodbye,  so Sexy Sailor was right.  It's weird, I think this girl likes me and hopes to see me again.  I don't know if I want to though.  I think I'm finally at that point where I don't want to date.  I definitely don't want to have sex or anything like that.   Maybe a bit of nude wrestling but that's it.  I don't understand. I've been so sad for the past 5 years of being alone.  I thought it was me that was the problem.  Nope it was them.  I only seemed to hit on women out of my league or those who were nuts.  So now I choose to live alone, I choose to die alone, and on my own terms.  That is I don't want to be nagged to death.  I will die in a Spanish speaking country trying to catch fish with a shoe-lace and pop tab.   I am still open to the idea of slave girls though.  Hmm.  So last week I decided to become a villain. Now I want to isolate myself from the world.  I'm sensing a pattern.

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