Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy Game Seven Day

So it's game seven of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  What a great opening round.   But It all wraps up tonight.  The  Ottawa Senators have played in 4 Game sevens and lost them all.  Before the season started every expert in the hockey media predicted Ottawa to finish last.  Heck most of the fans thought we would finish last or close to last.  I was secretly hoping we'd do better.  But I knew at the end of the year.  We were in year 1 of a rebuild.  So sit back and enjoy the games, watch how the young kids on the team play,  and be happy for Alfredson who just might be playing his last year.

Fast forward to the end of the year, Sens are in a playoff spot.  Okay so we were in a playoff spot most of the year.  But how, why?  Well we have a new coach, new Goalie,  Lots of young talent and a few veterans.  Jason Spezza is having a career year.  Alfie is playing Like he's in his early 30's and we have the most offensive Defensive in the league by 20 + points.  So we're 8th seed, going against the number 1 seed New York Rangers.  Rangers in 4, Rangers in 5.  The "Experts" were at it again.  It's been a tough, tight series.   It all comes down to tonight.  No matter what the outcome, My Head will held high tomorrow.  The entire Sens Army's Heads will be held high,  The Ottawa Senators surely will have their heads held high.   But if we win....The question needs to be asked.  Was this year a blip in the rebuild,  or was last year a blip in the franchise???? GO SENS GO.

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  1. I'll check out a bit of the game.