Monday, April 16, 2012

I wonder if I should write more.

I like writing down my thoughts,  I like giving my thoughts to tv shows, Wrestling, Superman characters, how bad I am at dating and women and everything.  and of course movie reviews. I know on sites like and  the have 'blogged' reviews.   The problem is they are mostly negative reviews.  Despite my depression I really like to have positives reviews and such.  Say what you will about last week's Impact,  I loved the wedding inside the steel cage, everyone in their undies.  Especially ODB.  2nd hottest woman in wrestling right now.  See I look on the bright side of life.  I got a girls number last week at the bar.  I'd been trying to get it since October.   But really not trying that hard.  Diane the former owner of the bar told me to lose it, she's nothing but trouble.  I think she's right but I might go for a green tea with her  anyways.  Despite the fact that I'm the greatest guy in the world(with a body to match) , I don't get to go out that often with a lady.  Mostly due to me being chronically sore and broke.

    I called in sick to work today.  I was just so sore and in pain I could barely stand.  I didn't have no pain killers to help me through the day.   I only take them every 2 or 3 days.  I don't want to get addicted.   I hope the Senators wrap up this series by Saturday.  I really want to go out to karaoke. I miss the boys, and girls down at V.O.G.  Well I guess that's my thoughts today.  I really want to get a review up on the new Muppets movie.  If I don't get to it quick.  It's a non stop tear jerker. happy cries though not sad cries, except for the pictures in my head song.  That one is really sad.  Maybe not as sad as 'Saying goodbye' from the Muppets Take Manhattan.  then again what is cinematically sadder than that.

Well I only had one post in February, none in March.  I'm already at 2 for April is looking up.  Oh and I still haven't lost any weight so the beard is staying.  Take Care....comb your beard.  WOO WOO WOO, You Know It.

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  1. How DARE you try to evoke Ryder. Lol, Maybe you should get a journel. I got one. Geez, I must have been writing in it for almost ten years. Anyway, seeing as how you're blog is named after a guy's bar, why not try to get a bar pic for the background? Maybe an old timey one. Not western, but maybe from the 30s or something. It could look cool.